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Comment by Peter Eykelenkamp on “Exacerbation of Rothmania”

Actually, there is a biography on Joseph Roth: David Bronsen, Joseph Roth: Eine Biographie (Colo...

Comment by Wendy on “The Wrath of Roth”

I have never read any books by Joseph Roth...but your review makes me want to pick this one up! I...

Comment by Sam C on “Emotional Thump by Louise Pymer”

Hi. Sounds like a good book though I'm always wary of 'issue-based' fiction. Regarding mental ill...

Comment by Jude McBain on “Easter Greetings...”

Happy Easter to all and home made HCB's are the best - thank goodness my daughter made some for u...










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The Tinker's Book

  • Len Chester: Bugle Boy

    Len Chester: Bugle Boy
    Father of dgr and primary historical source now published and on the shelves at a bookshop near you.

Team Tolstoy

  • Team Tolstoy
    A year-long shared read of War & Peace through the centenary year of Count Lyev Nikolayevich Tolstoy's death, starting on his birthday, September 9th 2010. Everyone is welcome to board the troika and read along, meeting here on the 9th of every month to chat in comments about the book.
  • Team Tolstoy Bookmark
    Don't know your Bolkonskys from your Rostovs? An aide memoire that can be niftily printed and laminated into a double-sided bookmark.