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Thank you for visiting, you are very welcome here, please plump up the cushions and make yourselves at home.How amazing that Alaska can talk to Australia via Devon about a good book and dovegreyreader thrives on comments so please join in, everyone who comments is very friendly and welcoming. This always serves as a salutary reminder to myself, sitting here in splendid rural isolation in Devon, of the scope and reach of a litblog. Worldwide conversations about good books are facilitated in comments which in turn become the oxygen of any blog. It was initiating that conversation that interested me most when I decided to set up dovegreyreader over ten years ago.

Sharing a love of good books is the plan, and I only write about books I’ve loved, books that have touched me, engaged me emotionally and captured my imagination.

I have no pretensions about being a book reviewer, let alone a literary critic, this is about sharing a subjective passion for reading with like-minded people. A lifetime's love of books and reading, a career in community nursing and a late onset degree in English Literature all underpin much of what I write, but this is all done for the love of it, unpaid and for pleasure.

Honesty, transparency and integrity are the bywords of dovegreyreader scribbles and I hope the blog now has a reputation for that, so I tend to write about a book with bouncy, pouncy, tigger-like enthusiasm, tell people why I would press it on them if we met in the street, how this book has added another wondrous mile to my lifetime’s reading journey and perhaps might add to yours too. The recommends I get from you all in comments most certainly add to mine.

There's plenty about rural life on dovegreyreader too and also some bits of quilting and knitting thrown in. We live in splendid isolation in the most beautiful Tamar Valley, 'twixt Devon and Cornwall UK an idyllic and peaceful setting in which to be creative, to read and above all to think.

Along the way here you may well meet Bookhound (husband) and children Offspringette, The Kayaker and The Gamekeeper, plus my late father The Tinker.

If you are a publisher/publicist wondering if I will accept a copy of your book for review please be aware that I write my thoughts about a book rather an objective review, this is about Book as Experience. I prefer not to read proof copies (can't quote from them in a blog post) but do accept finished copies. I also download from NetGalley on a regular basis and if a book interests me may make contact and request a finished copy.